Creative Fusion brings you its 2018 programme of relaxed and friendly selling exhibitions in different venues throughout West Wales. Each event offers a tempting selection of interesting and original work by individual craft makers and artists from South West Wales.

April 6th to 9th, City Hall, St Davids
May 11th to 14th, City Hall, St Davids
May 27th to June 2nd, Guildhall Cardigan
June 1st to 5th, City Hall, St Davids
June 20th to 30th, Tabernacle Vestry, Newport
July 6th to 12th, Aberglasney Gardens
July 15th to 21st, Guildhall Cardigan
July 24th to September 8th, Old School Room Bosherston
July 27th to August 2nd, Aberglasney Gardens
September 9th to 15th, Guildhall Cardigan
September 13th to 18th, City Hall, St Davids
October 26th - 29th, City Hall, St Davids

Open 10am to 5pm.   Free Entry (except for Aberglasney Gardens)