Andrew Warren Photography

I am very fortunate to live in beautiful West Wales, right at the point where Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion & Pembrokeshire meet. It really is a photographer’s paradise. In fact, it’s paradise full stop!  The pleasure I get from photographing the wonderful scenes and events close to where I live, as well as further afield, is immense, and something of which I never tire.

Some photographers, just as with any hobby or profession, become totally obsessed with “gear”, to the point that this becomes more important than the end product! For what it’s worth I shoot with Nikon bodies (currently a D810) & lenses, but this has come about through chance, as much as anything.  I try to get as much right in camera as possible, nevertheless, I capture all of my images as RAW files which then ensures that I have the maximum amount & quality of data about which I can make my own decisions regarding processing. I do the bulk of my editing in Adobe Camera Raw, with a few tweaks in Photoshop CC to finish.

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